Members Newsletter No 4 - 31 March 2009

Dear Members,

I would like to give feedback regarding a new direction of the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery.


We've decided to change the constitution and name of the Society to be more in focus with the core business that we have been involved in over the last years. The constitution has been changed and updated and we need your feedback in this regard. We also need feedback even if you just support the action.
Any suggestions will be discussed and incorporated.

The website can be reached at: You can find the amended constitution there. A prompt reply within the next week will be appreciated.

Endoscopic Surgery

We want to highlight that we want to put more emphasis on endoscopic surgery in the year to come. Workshops in hysteroscopy are being planned at Tygerberg Hospital and the dates will be communicated to you, as well as a workshop in endoscopic surgery planned at Vincent Pallotti Hospital on 14 May 2009. We will invite a faculty that will assist in a very good program.

Our goal is to expand nationally within the next year and to have a theme that will be covered on an annual basis in all big cities. Formal workshops will also be part of this roll-out. For more information contact Igno Siebert (021-5316999) or Thinus Kruger (021-9389209).

Endoscopic Surgery - Committee

We are in the process of nominating candidates, firstly to be elected on the Executive Committee and secondly to be part of a sub-committee addressing continuous training in endoscopic surgery as well as CME in the reproductive field. The idea is to have 7-10 nominees of whom 3 will be elected to the Executive Committee and the others part of the Sub-Committee. To nominate see attached nomination form. We want to receive the nomination forms on or before 8 May 2009.

Nomination Form (pdf format)
Nomination Form (word format)


We plan to hold an annual get-together of all the IVF units on a weekend to discuss different hot topics and thereby to strengthen the unity of our society. We also plan to hold a local fertility congress within the next 2 years. The idea of this congress will be primarily to invite reproductive medicine and endoscopic surgery specialists as well as local scientists and to invite 1 or 2 international guest speakers.

Yours sincerely,
Thinus Kruger